How to Fit a Double Bed in a Small Room

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It may be difficult to place a double bed into a small room, but it is possible. Some decisions will have to be made about what truly needs to be in the room, along with some decisions about storage. Placement is another important consideration. Once these decisions have been made, bringing the room together with the double bed will not be difficult. Things can always be rearranged if the room does not seem to be working for you.

Clear the room of all furnishings and other items. Dust or wash all furniture and other items as you do this. Take everything off the walls and out of the closet. Vacuum or sweep the floor, wash the walls and windows and sweep away cobwebs from ceilings, then wipe down switch plates and any other areas. Giving the room a good cleaning makes regular cleaning easier over time.

Look around the empty room. Notice where the windows and doors are, as well as where heat vents, switch plates and outlets are located. Keep this information in mind when considering where you will place everything when you bring it back into the room.

Bring the bed frame into the room and put it together, then look around again. Think about the need for outlets, as you will need to plug in at lease one lamp and an alarm clock.

Try to place the bed frame at the centre of the wall opposite the door, to begin with. Keep it in this location if it seems to work well. Otherwise, move the frame around the room until you find a good place for it. Put risers under the legs of the bed once you've chosen a spot, and then put the box springs and mattress in place.

Purchase organisers that go under the bed. Consider plastic bins, or even drawer units. Place items that are not needed often, such as out-of-season clothing, in these receptacles. Use the units to store items for hobbies as well, or other items that you will no longer have space for elsewhere in the room.

Bring everything that will be kept back into the room. Let go of anything that will make the room look cramped, unless it is important to you in some way. Do not place large pieces of furniture where they will be in the way of opening doors. Keep a clear walkway around the room. Place large pieces of furniture away from windows as well, so that you will be able to get out easily in an emergency.

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