High Sleeper Beds for Children

Kids Room image by Vanessa van Rensburg from Fotolia.com

High sleeper beds are perfect for kids who need lots of space in their bedrooms. The space underneath a high sleeper is perfect for a computer or work desk, a couch or sofa or even an entertainment centre. The high sleepers let kids decide what they want in their room without a bed limiting them.

Thuka Trendy - White Pine Basic Highsleeper Bed

The White Pine Basic Highsleeper from the Thuka company is made out of Scandinavian polar pine and comes in blue, black, purple or pink. It also comes with an optional matching desk, drawers, wardrobe and shelves. Most importantly, the White Pine Basic Highsleeper comes equipped with safety rails at the head, foot and side of the bed. The mattress length is 200cm, and the width 90cm.


IKEA offers the TROMS-- loft bed frame at £96 before tax on its website as of February 2011. It comes with a ladder that is mountable on the left or right side of the bed, safety rails and an open area underneath the bed. The TROMS-- is made out of steel and is 78 inches long, 55 1/2 inches wide and 81 1/8 inches tall.

Stompa Casa 9 Highsleeper Bunk Bed

The Stompa Casa 9 comes equipped with a comfortable sofa that fits nicely into the corner of the frame. The sofa can also be converted into a single bed, which is perfect for sleepovers. The bed is 209cm long, 139cm wide and 184cm high.

White High Sleeper Set

Verona Design's White High Sleeper Set comes with a matching wardrobe and desk that are not attached to the bed frame itself. This allows a child to decide where in the room, if not under the bed itself, the desk and wardrobe will fit best. The White High Sleeper is 203cm long, 100.5cm wide and 182cm high.

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