Artificial Flowers Used to Decorate Hats

Updated February 21, 2017

Hats are often used to accessorise an outfit; however, they themselves can also be accessorised. A hat can be decorated with flowers that complement or match the colours of a specific outfit or denote a holiday celebration. Artificial flowers made from plastic, silk or other materials are perfect as temporary additions to a favourite hat for a special occasion. There are several types of artificial flowers that can be used to decorate a hat.

Gerbera Daisies

Plastic Gerbera daisies are one way to adorn a hat for spring or Easter. These daisies can serve as a white accent against a dark-coloured straw hat, or they can be dyed to such spring or gem colours as emerald or sapphire to provide a colourful contrast to a white or cream-coloured straw or linen hat. The addition of silk leaf greenery and the flower to one side of the hat creates an eye-catching arrangement.


The lily is another artificial flower used to decorate Easter hats. Pair a white silk Easter lily with dark green silk leaves to decorate either or both sides of your Easter hat. Weave some tiny lily-of-the-valley silk pieces into the arrangement to provide a visual contrast. Alternately, you can add some silk bluebells to provide a subtle splash of light blue against the white lily.


Silk roses are the perfect decoration for a hat worn to a wedding or to a tea or lawn party. Combine a cluster of pink silk tea roses with a lighter pink satin hat band. Hold the rose cluster together with baby's breath and matching pink satin ribbons. Use the arrangement to adorn a lacy, floppy hat for a wedding or a stiffer, woven tan garden party hat.


Poinsettias are most often associated with the Christmas holiday. They provide much needed brightness and colour during the winter season when most plants lie dormant. Poinsettias decorate homes and churches during the Christmas season, but a plastic or silk version of the flower can brighten up a dressy holiday hat as well. A knitted red poinsettia can also be sewn onto a winter cap for a bit of seasonal cheer.


Calendula or pot marigold silk flowers can be used to represent flowers that are edible in their real state as an adornment for a chef's hat. Pair them with silk chives, oxeye daisies or squash blossoms to encircle the chef's hat rim or pin them on one side to give a bright splash of orange and gold to a chef's ensemble.


Silk carnations are delicate adornments that can be dyed any colour for any festive occasion. Dye several large silk carnations orange and glue them down the front of a witch's hat as part of a Halloween costume, or add silk red, white and blue carnations to a baseball cap for a Fourth of July celebration. Position a ring of tiny, silk pastel carnations over a satin ribbon band with long streamers wrapped around the crown of a straw hat for a summer picnic.

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