How to make a cork hat

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The cork hat is a type of hat that was historically worn by farmers, jackaroos and swagmen in the Australian outback. The wide brim of the hat shielded the sun from the wearer's eyes, while the hanging corks kept away flies.

In modern day, the cork hat is more of a novelty item and has become an internationally recognised symbol of Australia. A cork hat is easy to make with a few, basic household items.

Poke six to eight holes, approximately three inches apart, around the brim of the hat using scissors. If you do not want corks hanging down the back of the hat, you can poke holes just on the front half of the brim.

Cut pieces of string approximately 20 cm (8 inches) long each. Cut the same amount of string as you have number of holes.

Tie a cork tightly to the end of each piece of string.

Thread the other end of each piece of string through a hole on the hat so that the corks are now dangling around the brim. Make sure to secure each string with a knot so that it does not come off the hat.