How to Make Scarecrow Hair

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Making a scarecrow can be an excellent costume idea for adults and kids on Halloween. You can also use a scarecrow for Autumn or Thanksgiving day decor, place it in a pumpkin patch or just stand it in your crops to scare birds.

If you want your scarecrow to have hair, create a yarn wig for it using a few materials that can be purchase at your local crafts store.

Place the wig cap over a styrofoam head or ball that is the size of a human head. Purchase styrofoam heads or balls at your local crafts store. Wig caps are available at beauty supply stores.

Cut strips of yellow yarn approximately 10 inches or longer in length, using fabric scissors.

Take three strips of yellow yarn and knot them in half. Do this for all the strips of yellow yarn.

Place the tip of the glue gun to the knot of the yarn and apply a small amount of glue. Place the knot on the wig cap and press with the tip of the glue gun for a few seconds to hold it in place. Repeat this step for all the knotted yellow yarn until the entire wig cap is covered.

Wear the yarn wig as part of your scarecrow costume, or place it on the head of your homemade scarecrow.