The Best Tops to Hide Stomach Fat

Many women have issues with a stomach paunch, which is a noticeable belly. A larger midsection can appear after a woman has given birth or during her period when bloating can occur, or she may be plus-sized and looking to hide this problem area. There are several different styles of tops that can make a larger stomach less noticeable.

Empire-Waisted Top

An empire top has a waistline that falls directly below the bust. Fabric generally drapes from this high waistline, which gives a woman with a larger midsection more room. This waistline also draws the eye upward toward a woman's cleavage and upper body. Casual empire-waisted tops made from cotton or linen can be worn for a night out on the town or a day at the park. A top manufactured from more luxurious fabrics, such as silk, can be worn at work or a more formal occasion.

V-Neck Tops

V-neck T-shirts and tops have a neckline that cuts down the upper torso in a "V" shape. Such a T-shirt draws attention toward the upper body and away from the stomach area. A V-neck T-shirt that is one to two sizes larger can help provide flowing coverage to a woman's ample middle area. Avoid V-neck shirts that have horizontal stripes, as these make a woman seem wider than she really is. These shirts should also not be tucked into a woman's trousers, as this could give the appearance of an even larger stomach bulge.

Wrap Shirt

A wrap shirt or top fits much the same way as a wrap dress, with two sides of the shirt that cross in front and have their closure on the side of the woman's body. These tops provide an extra layer of coverage, and many come with an embellishment or tie in the area of the midsection that helps hide any unwanted belly bulge. Choose a wrap shirt that is one solid colour, such as brown, black or red. Stay away from tops that have large prints or stripes, and wear a pair of trousers or skirt that does not cut into the stomach area, which can create a bulge that the wrap top will emphasise.

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