Children's Bob Hairstyles

Updated February 21, 2017

The bob hairstyle is common among young girls. This hairstyle is simple and fits many different face shapes, which has contributed to its popularity. A bob is also easy to take care of. It doesn't require a lot of styling, which eliminates one more step in your daily routine.

Classic Bob

The classic bob falls just below the ears. From here, the child or parent can choose to add fringe or not. The hair should be parted on one side or in the middle if fringe are not selected. The fringe typically fall slightly above the eyes so they are not in your child's face.


An angled bob is shorter in the back and then longer in the front with the front hair sits at or below the chin. This bob is designed for older children because it does need a little more attention to keep the hair in the back at the right length. If it grows too long, the angled look will be lost. This look can be parted down the middle or complemented with fringe.

Blunt Bob

This cut was designed for young girls. The blunt bob can fall right beneath the ears or right at or just below the chin. Unlike the classic bob, however, the ends are blunted. The cut works well with or without fringe. Without fringe, there is usually a side or middle part. The blunt bob also works with different hair textures such as curly, wavy or straight.

A Graduated Bob

A graduated bob is a little longer than the classic bob. The graduated bob falls at the nape of the neck, just above the shoulders. If your child is ready for a longer look, she can grow her hair out to a graduated bob. Also, if she is not ready for a full-on bob, the graduated bob can be a compromise.

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