How to Draw Apollo the Greek God Images

Apollo was known by many names including Helios, Apollon and Phoebus. Apollo was the god of music, healing, medicine, poetry and archery among others. Apollo was known to protect young children and herds of sheep.

Apollo was believed to be a favourite son of his father Zeus and had a twin sister Artemis, the goddess of the hunt, wild animals and fertility. Apollo was one of the most loved gods in Greek culture. Apollo can be drawn traditionally, as a man, stylised using his energy and colours or as a symbol he is associated with.

Find several images of Apollo you like. Apollo was depicted as a young man with curly hair that was typically tied back with a ribbon. Apollo was featured in many Greek myths. Decide if you want Apollo to appear stationary and alone like a sculpture or acting out one of his many myths such as the slaying of the giant Tityos.

Sketch out several heads of Apollo with different facial expressions on one piece of paper. Apollo was a multitalented god and could appear pensive, happy, angry or in love. Once you have decided on his facial expression you will copy with a body on a new piece of paper.

Draw the body of Apollo as the Greeks would. Greek art is characterised by perfection. All depictions of Greek gods or goddess would look as close to perfect as possible. Bodies were graceful, strong and proportionate. Skin was smooth and free of blemishes or scarring.

Include symbols or images associated with the god Apollo in your picture. Apollo or Helios was known as the sun god and was depicted holding a golden ball of light. Apollo was often drawn with a lyre or musical instrument, a bow and arrow and a laurel branch. Apollo was also associated with a raven.