Ideas to make things out of recycled items

Updated November 21, 2016

Making crafts out of recycled items is good for the environment and for imaginations. Choose something that you ordinarily would throw away and come up with another use for it. This is also a good idea if you have children. Rather than spending lots of money at craft stores on supplies, make something out of leftover items, such as newspapers, Popsicle sticks, plastic bottles and egg cartons.

CD Wall Border

Many people have CDs lying around the house that they don't want to listen to anymore or that are scratched and no longer play. Put those CDs to use by making a wall border with them. This is a good idea for a teen's bedroom or an entertainment room. Simply line up the CDs beside each other at the top of the wall or along the middle of the wall. Place them all shiny side up for a more vibrant, cohesive look. Attach the CDs to the wall with glue or opt for tape meant for use on walls to avoid damage if you decide to move the CDs.

Egg Carton Jewelry Box

Turn an empty egg carton into a jewellery box. The egg slots are ideal for holding earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings and other jewellery items. Paint the carton or cover it in fabric.

Bottle Cap Magnet

Make refrigerator magnets out of metal bottle caps from beer bottles or old-fashioned soda bottles. Attach a small magnet to the top of the bottle cap with permanent glue. Decorate the inside of the cap with paint and get creative with stripes, polka dots, initials or other symbols.

T-Shirt Market Bag

Many people bring their own bags to the grocery store these days, rather than use the paper or plastic bags provided by the store, to cut down on waste. Instead of buying those bags, act on the green movement's "reduce-reuse-recycle" mantra by making your own reusable grocery bags out of old T-shirts.

Lay a T-shirt flat and cut the sleeves off at the armhole seam. If the neck hole isn't very large, make it larger. Sew a seam across the hem of the bottom of the shirt, closing it. Hem the armholes and neck hole for a nicer look. Use the arm holes for the handles and the neck hole as the bag's opening.

Baby Food Jar Candle Holder

If you have a baby or a small child, chances are you have plenty of small baby food jars lying around. These small jars make great holders for votive candles. Remove the label and clean any excess glue off of the jar. Paint the jar with special paint meant for use on glass. Alternatively, you can leave the glass clear and tie a bow around the rim.

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