How to Convert a CSV File to WAB

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WAB, which stands for Windows Address Book, is the file format that stores all of your contacts in the Windows desktop e-mail program, Outlook Express. Outlook Express will allow you to import address books from other files, including comma separated values (CSV) text files.

A CSV file is a spreadsheet-style plain text file, in which one contact record is on each line and fields of data are separated by commas. CSV files are regularly used to transfer spreadsheets of databases into other programs, such as an e-mail client.

Launch Outlook Express on your computer and log into your e-mail.

Click the "File" menu.

Select "Import," then "Other Address Book." The Import feature allows you to import existing WAB files as well as other types of address books.

Browse through your computer's files and select the CSV file that contains your e-mail contacts.

Click "Open" to import the CSV and convert it to an Outlook Express address book (WAB file).