How to Access C2K Email

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C2k is an information and communications management service designed for schools in Northern Ireland, supported by the Department of Education for Northern Ireland. C2k offers a variety of online learning and teaching resources, including e-mail and file management services. Students and teachers using the C2k e-mail service can log in to access their e-mail internally from the school or externally at home using the C2k Outlook Web Access Website.

Locate the C2k e-mail link on your school's website. If you are unable to find the direct link provided by your school, use the "C2k OWA Email Service" link found in the references section of this article.

Input your school's name and your username into the "Domain\username" text box in all lower case letters, first typing your school's C2k domain name, followed by a backwards slash and then your username. This is the same format that is used as an example login on the C2k OWA Email Service Website.

Input your password into the "Password" input field. If you do not remember your password, contact your school and request that a new password be e-mailed to you at an alternative e-mail address. You may be asked to first verify ownership of the secondary e-mail address by responding to an activation e-mail.

Click the "Logon" button to login to your C2k start page and access your e-mail.

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