Decorating Ideas for a Hollywood-Themed Bedroom

Updated February 21, 2017

You can create a Hollywood theme bedroom for your child or teen with just a few additions of colour, furniture and decorative touches. The Hollywood decorating theme is a glamorous design for a bedroom that will thrill a little girl or even an older teenager. If you have a child who enjoys the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, work with her to create the bedroom of her dreams.

Wall Color

Black and white on the walls is a modern, sleek and glamorous look for the bedroom. You can also go ultra-feminine and paint the walls glamour-girl pink. Add some touches of silver to the wall for shine, or stencil large silver stars on the walls.

Rugs and Fabrics

Fluffy white carpet is a luxurious look for a Hollywood bedroom. You can also paint a copy of the Hollywood Walk of Fame on the floor with stars and the names of your child's favourite celebrities stencilled across the stars. Use gold or silver fabric for the bedroom curtains. The bedspread can be glitzy gold or silver lamé, or you can choose a luxurious white faux fur bedspread. Hang silver and gold fabric over the bed from the ceiling. Hot pink feather boas are another Hollywood touch for the bedroom that you can hang over the headboard of the bed or above a chair.

Art and Accessories

Hang movie posters in the room from your child's favourite movies, or use the classics. Images of Marilyn Monroe bring the glamour of old Hollywood to the bedroom. Stencil filmstrip patterns on furniture, the walls or lampshades to carry the movie theme throughout the room. Use rhinestones and crystals on the accessories in the room, such as the laundry hamper, lamp bases and picture frames.


A four-poster bed is a luxurious choice for a Hollywood-theme bedroom. A make-up vanity is a good addition to the bedroom that you can dress up with Hollywood touches, such as large lights around the mirror and crystal drawer pulls. Add a plush lounge chair to the room for a place to relax and read in Hollywood style.

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