Corner fireplace surround ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

The surround of a fireplace can serve as more than a spot to keep embers and sparks from flying. It can also be a source for design inspiration. The surround is the base area of the firebox, where the logs or heating element rests. Develop ideas that incorporate materials, textures and colours that make the surround as inviting as the warmth and glow from the fireplace.

Curved and Circular Surrounds

A corner fireplace provides opportunity to make a dramatic surround. It is almost instinctual to make the fireplace area with straight edges. Most fireplaces have a surround area that extends as a rectangle. You can extend a straight edge surround by giving it more space from the front of the fireplace and along the sides.

A corner fireplace also lends itself to making a curved or circular surround to draw more attention to the corner positioning. The juxtaposition of the linear placement with a curved surround will add a look of customisation to the make the fireplace even more of a focal point in the room.

Staggered Tile Surround

A corner fireplace creates opportunities to expand upon a square or rectangular shape. The surround can be designed with tiles or brick so that it creates a staggered, stair step effect. Create a border with the tiles or brick going in a opposite direction to give the border even further definition. Or, cut in carpeting to meet with the surround to add drama to the surround design and how it blends with the flooring for the room.

Marble Surround

Marble is an elegant material from which to create the surround for a corner fireplace. Use ample space to make the marble treatment prominent by expanding the surround area. In a small room, this can be achieved by using marble tiles or slabs that are one foot wide. Create more depth and definition in a large room with a corner fireplace by making the marble surround area expansive enough to accommodate a stand for fireplace utensils. If space permits, include an area for chairs and small benches for family members and guests to gather close to the warmth of the fire.

Diagonal Wood Surround

Add drama to the surround area by creating a hardwood surround. If the base of the room flooring is hardwood, position the hardwood for the surround in a diagonal pattern to add drama and definition to the surround area. The diagonal design technique will also achieve a similar effect of impact and drama in a room that is carpeted. The switch in mediums from carpeting to wood will draw the eye to the corner fireplace and the horizontal surround design treatment.

Mixed Mediums

Contrast the border of the corner fireplace for impact. Use wood as the border for a marble surround. Consider decorative tile to accent a marble or slate. Leverage the creative opportunities of a corner fireplace with a mixed media assemblage of tile, brick and other materials to make it even more of a standout feature in the room.

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