How to reface exterior brick

SteSharp/iStock/Getty Images

One of the sturdiest and most durable materials, brick has been used in building for thousands of years. But after being exposed to the elements over time, exterior brick begins to look worn and faded.

The sealer on the brick surface becomes discoloured and yellow, and the yellow in turn makes the brick look dirty and dingy. You can reface your brick and give it new life with a good cleaning and resurfacing. And you won't need a professional to do the job.

Add 15 ml (1 tbsp) of washing-up liquid to a bucket of water. Dip a scrubbing brush in the solution and use the brush to remove all the dirt from the brick. Scrub gently to clean the mortar as well. Rinse the brick with clean water. Allow the brick to dry for four hours.

Roll chemical stripper on to the brick using a paint roller. Apply a thick coat of the stripper. Let the stripper penetrate the brick sealant for 10 to 20 minutes.

Attach a spray nozzle to your hose. Turn the nozzle to its highest pressure setting. Spray the bricks to remove the stripper.

Let the bricks dry for two to three days. They need to be completely dry to absorb the sealant.

Apply a thin, even coat of sealant using a new, clean roller. Allow the sealant to dry for four hours. Apply a second coat of sealant.