How to Mix Grout With Clear Silicone

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If you have ever entered a room with tile, you have seen grout. This strong substance is the thin layer creating dividers between tiles. Grout, available in a variety of colours, prevents water from getting beneath tiles, and keeps tiles in place on a floor, wall or counter. Silicone is another tough substance, often used as an adhesive for tile. A mixture of grout and clear silicone can be used to create a transition between floor types, such as tile and wood. These two products can be combined with ease, using a smooth surface.

Place clear silicone on a piece of cardboard or smooth surface. Add a small amount of grout powder to the surface.

Mix the silicone and grout powder, blending it with a margin trowel. Consistency should be stiff to the point it cannot be poured.

Add more grout powder gradually and continue mixing. Repeat as needed to achieve the shade of grout you are striving to create.

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