How to Make Resin Tiles

Thomas Northcut/Photodisc/Getty Images

If you want to complete a resin countertop, decorate a table, make homemade drink coasters or flat paperweights, using casting resin is a great way to make handmade resin tiles. This special resin starts as a liquid and hardens into a permanent and durable piece of solid resin.

Resin kits make casting resin a practical way to make your own jewellery, decorative objects and clear tiles. Create a simple tile or an entire set of tiles to decorate your home.

Spray a silicone tile mould with mould release spray and set aside.

Mix 10 drops resin hardener per 28.4gr. casting resin in a disposable measuring cup. Stir the mixture with a craft stick for 30 seconds.

Add liquid resin pigment slowly to the mixture. Use a small amount for a light shade of colour and a large amount for a darker shade. Stop adding the pigment once you reach the shade you prefer.

Pour the resin mixture in the mould until it is full.

Blow air over the resin's surface to remove bubbles. The carbon dioxide in your breath will cause them to burst. Let the tile sit for 2 to 3 hours.

Pull the sides of the silicone mould away from the tile and lift the tile out with your fingers to remove it.

Sand rough edges with a metal file.