How to Remove Paint Splatters on Brick

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Brick is a sturdy masonry material recognised for its fire-resistance, durability and longevity. Since brick is porous, it is susceptible to stains from paint splatters. Paint splatters permeate bricks and become more strenuous to clean over time.

Promptly remove paint splatters to prevent the solvents and pigments from hardening and permanently setting in the bricks. Neglecting to clean paint splatters can make brick surfaces and structures aesthetically unappealing. Fortunately, basic solutions can remove paint splatters on brick.

Spray the affected bricks with water from a garden hose to wash off loose grime particles if the bricks are outdoors.

Lay a plastic dust sheet over nearby grass, plants and shrubs to protect them from runoff. Cover flooring, furniture and valuables if the bricks are indoors.

Mix neutral pH detergent with water in a plastic bucket. Follow the instructions provided by the detergent manufacturer.

Scrub the paint splatters with the detergent solution using a nylon scrub brush. Allow the detergent solution to soak into the brick for 10 minutes.

Rinse the bricks with water to wash off the detergent solution and loosened paint.

Inspect the bricks for remaining paint. If stubborn paint splatters remain, mix 0.907kg. of trisodium phosphate with 1 gallon of warm water in a clean plastic bucket. Wear safety goggles, long clothing and rubber gloves for protection.

Scrub the remaining paint splatters with the trisodium phosphate solution using the scrub brush. Allow the solution to soak into the paint for 10 minutes.

Rinse the bricks with water to wash off the trisodium phosphate solution and paint.

Allow the bricks to air-dry completely.