How to remove rust stain from bricks

Brick image by Luke Haverkamp from

Brick siding on a house or exposed brick pavers can develop rust stains over time. Rust stains must be removed quickly or they eventually corrode and deteriorate the brick. Rust removers are found at most hardware or lawn-and-garden stores. It is not difficult to remove rust stains from bricks.

Put rubber gloves on your hands. Rub a steel wool pad or fine sandpaper on the rusted area. After rubbing on the rust, knock the loosened rust from the brick with your gloved hand.

Apply a rust remover such as Boeshield Rust Free, Singerman Concrete Rust Remover or oxalic acid on the stain to remove the remainder of the rust from the brick. Read the instructions on the rust remover as you may need to dilute it with water before applying. Some rust removers may need to sit on the brick for a specified period of time to work on the rust stain.

Scrub the brick stain with a nylon brush. Add more rust remover solution to the stain if you are having difficulty removing the rust.

Rinse the brick off with a garden hose. Remove all rust remover from the brick and off any concrete or stone surfaces.