Teen bedroom beach theme ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

Allow your teen to turn her bedroom into her private oasis with a beach theme. Beach-themed bedrooms are typically casual and relaxing, which is ideal for a teen's space. Let your teen concentrate on the details of her favourite part of the beach. Beach-themed bedrooms could focus on surfing, tropical beaches, tiki huts, beach cottages, lighthouses, seashells, dolphins, nautical or sailing details.


Paint the walls in a soft, natural beach colour that complements your teen's specific beach theme. For example, beige or seashell pink would work for a girl's room focused on seashells, while light blue or sea foam green would work in a boy's surfing bedroom. Keep three of the walls neutral and paint the fourth wall with a mural. Use a peel-and-stick mural if you don't want to paint--or can't. Murals can include palm trees, a sunset over the water, surfers, a huge wave or nearly any beach image you could think of.


Light-coloured furniture is ideal with a beach theme, unless you're going for the look of a captain's quarters on a ship. Wicker or rattan furniture--such as nightstands, dressers, chairs and headboards--fit in with a tropical or beach cottage theme. Use light or natural-looking wood furniture for a nautical theme or other beach theme. A captain's bed works well for a nautical theme and provides extra storage for your teen, which is extremely useful if his bedroom is on the small side.


Bedding, window treatments and rugs can have a large impact on the room's decor. Use rugs that are shaped like flip flops, seashells, surfboards, a ship's wheel, hibiscus flowers or other beach related shapes. Your teen's bedding should complement the walls. For example, use bedding that looks like a grass skirt if she has a huge mural on the wall depicting an exotic tiki theme. Window treatments can be as simple as shades with sheer curtains for a beach cottage feel, bamboo shades or a valance that looks like it's covering a tiki hut.


Pull the room together with accessories that are useful and add to the beach-themed decor. For example, hang a flip flop-shaped notice board for her to display pictures of her friends and other important items, and a string of flip flop-shaped miniature lights above her bed if she's going for a laid-back, casual look. Use your teen's surfboard as wall decor so she has a place to store it and add to her bedroom's theme. Hang an authentic-looking ship wheel, life preservers or a large fishing net on one wall. Use strings of seashells as window covers or to cover the closet in lieu of doors. Lamps, pillows, light switch covers and ceiling fan blades all come in novelty shapes that can work for your teen's beach-themed bedroom.

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