Ideas for Decorating Kids' Bedrooms With Dinosaurs

Updated February 21, 2017

Decorate your child's room with a dinosaur theme if your child is fascinated with the prehistoric creatures. You can overtake the entire bedroom with the dinosaur theme, or establish the theme with a few small accessories while making it easy to change the bedroom theme when your child outgrows the dinosaurs.


Painting a large mural on the walls and ceiling makes the biggest impact in the room. Use stencils if you don't have the artistic abilities to draw the dinosaurs free hand. Paint the top portion of the walls and the ceiling blue to mimic the sky. Lush plants and trees can occupy all of the walls and extend onto the ceiling as well. Pterodactyls can fly through the sky on the top portion of the walls and on the ceiling. Paint a mother and baby Brontosaurus (long-necked plant eater) on the walls, snacking on a tall tree. Include other types of dinosaurs as well, such as a horned Triceratops or plated Stegosaurus. (Your child might fear a large meat eater, such as a Tyrannosaurus Rex.) Include a nest with dinosaur eggs in it in a bunch of grass or on a thick tree branch.

Another option is to paint the room to look like a cave with a glimpse of the dinosaurs, a fire (painted, of course) and dinosaur images etched into the stone walls. Use the bottom portion of the walls to create lush grass, brush, dirt and a watering hole to turn the entire room into a dinosaur's paradise. If you don't want to paint a mural on the walls, consider adding a dinosaur border to green, blue or beige walls. Peel-and-stick wall decals are a quick way to add dinosaurs and trees to the walls without painting.


Dark wood furniture fits in with the dinosaur theme best and works with numerous other themes when your child outgrows the dinosaur theme. Wrap silk ivy around any slats in the headboard if your child is old enough to leave it alone. Ivy can adorn shelves or dressers as well. Use brown and green storage boxes or bins on shelves to organise your child's toys, or paint a dinosaur theme on a wood toy box or on the sides of the chest.


Solid-coloured bedding in earth tones, such as brown or mossy green, looks better if there is a detailed mural or decals on the walls. Add a couple of dinosaur-shaped pillows to continue the theme. If the walls are mostly bare, consider a bed set that showcases your child's favourite dinosaur or a variety of dinosaurs.

The window treatments should complement the bedding and the walls. For example, hang blue curtains and a simple dinosaur-patterned valance if the walls are painted blue.


Dinosaur accessories complete the room or establish the theme if everything else is neutral. Use a dinosaur night light, lamp, light plate switch cover and drawer knobs. Line up your child's favourite dinosaur toys and stuffed animals on a low shelf or on his dresser if he can reach it. That way the toys are easily accessible and contribute to the room's decor.

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