Living Room Color Scheme Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

Your living room is the place to gather with friends and family for a variety of purposes. The room should be comfortable and inviting, but beyond that, it can be a reflection of your personal tastes. Painted walls aren't the only places for living room colour. Take curtains, couches, pillows and tables into consideration with your room design as well.

Cheerful Sunflower Style

Take a cue from nature and combine bright golds with rich browns to create a cheerful living room that uses the colourful sunflower as a starting point. Paint the walls a golden yellow, perhaps a few shades more subtle than an actual sunflower to keep from overwhelming the room. Select dark brown wood furniture with sleek styling and stain or paint your trim the same hue. If you prefer a darker look, add dark brown wainscoting to the lower portion of each wall. Bring the yellow tones into the room with gold throw pillows, then add some earth-tone greens to soften the look in the form of curtains and artwork. Moss green ceramic sculptures go well with this look, as will splashes of light cream colours in the upholstery. Don't forget a vase full of sunflowers or black-eyed Susans to tie the look together when the flowers are in season.

Think Pink

Don't be frightened off by notions of a baby pink room or one that looks like it was splashed with Pepto-Bismol. Pinks have a wide range of colours, and some are excellent choices for the living room. Opt for a deep reddish pink shade such as Benjamin Moore's "Raspberry Truffle," which made the Breslow Design Center's top 20 list of living room colours. Comparable tones include Valspar's "Whipped Strawberry" and Behr's "Alizarin Inspiration." Anything in the berry tone range will work well in a living room, or move more toward the orange end of the pink spectrum with various shades of coral. These colours coordinate well with light greys and bright white trim. Use white, dark brown or medium grey curtains and upholstery for berry tones and ivory, light grey and moss green fabrics with coral colours.

Lighten Up

Use neutrals to your advantage by selecting pale earth tones in various shades. For example, painting one wall of your living room khaki, another sage green and the third and fourth a warm slate grey, all in the same colour range, can add interest without overpowering the room. Keep your furniture and curtains light and neutral in colour as well, then add splashes of darker earth tones with olive green or muted purple throw pillows. Dark wood accents work well with this style, and bamboo flooring and natural fibres are the perfect complement to the colour palette.

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