Girl's 8th Birthday Party Ideas

Updated March 23, 2017

Turning 8 year old is a cause for celebration and your 8-year-old will certainly want to spend her special day with her family and friends. Consult with the birthday girl before solidifying any ideas on themes and games to be sure they're things she and her friends are interested in.

A Day of Beauty

Eight-year-old girls are fascinated by make-up and will love the opportunity to practice applying lipstick and mascara on one another. Serve bite-sized snack foods like mini-pizzas and chips so girls can keep their hands as free as possible. To offset the costs of the make-up, ask each girl to contribute one item, like a bottle of nail polish or eyeshadow.

Decorate with a "spa" theme, and spread out old towels and blankets on the floor to help avoid carpet stains. Have the girls pair up with a blindfold for each pair. The "makeup artist" wears the blindfold and does the make-up for her partner, which is sure to lead to the giggles and lots of funny pictures.

Celebrity Party

Encourage guests in the invitation to come dressed as their favourite movie star or singer and roll out the "red carpet" at the front door for their arrival. Rent a karaoke machine with a variety of popular songs so the singers can show off their skills for the crowd. Set up a Hollywood backdrop that guests can use to take a picture with the star birthday girl. For games, girls can draw a notecard with the name of a famous celebrity and the other guests can act as the paparazzi, asking interview questions to try and guess the star's identity.

Drama Day

Drama makes an ideal theme for outgoing 8-year-old girls to show off their creative skills. Decorate with a "drama" theme. Designate one area of your main room as the stage and set up chairs for the audience. Fill bags with random props from a party shop, the sillier the better such as a rubber chicken or glow in the dark necklaces. Divide the girls into groups and give each a bag.

Give them half an hour to prepare a skit that must incorporate the props and make sure they understand they can't just hold the prop but must somehow use it in the story. Each group takes turns performing for the crowd. This can be a lot of fun if the girls have time to put together costumes and make-up as well.

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