Products to cover thinning hair

Updated February 21, 2017

Thinning hair is common as you age. Your hair begins to slowly fall out and leave visible bald spots on your head. When your hair starts to thin, you might want to cover it up in order to hide embarrassing bald spots where you can see your scalp through the body of the hair. There are many quality products available on the market today that allow you to cover your thinning hair and move on with your day.

Magic Spray by Millefolium

Magic Spray made by Millefolium is a coloured hairspray available in several different natural hair colours to cover up thinning hair. As of September 2010, one 118ml. can of Magic Spray costs £19.40. To use the product, hold the can 3 to 4 inches away from the balding spot on your head. Spray a thin, even layer of the product onto the thinning hair and allow the product to dry. After the product has dried, you can style your hair as you normally would. The Magic Spray can be removed with common shampoo at any time.

Top Coverage Spray

Top Coverage Spray for Balding and Thinning hair is manufactured by Top Coverage, a company that specialises in covering thinning hair. Top Coverage Spray is a coloured hairspray product available in natural colours such as black, light brown and grey to match your hair colour. To apply Top Coverage Spray, simply position the can 4 to 6 inches away from the thinning area and spray an even layer to cover with colour. Allow the product to dry for 3 minutes and style hair. Remove Top Coverage with shampoo.


Mega THIK hair-building fibres is a product manufactured by the company MegaTHIK. Mega THIK is available in natural colours such as black, brown, blonde and grey to match your personal hair colour. To apply Mega THIK, style your hair as you would like to wear it for the day beforehand. Next, sprinkle the Mega THIK hair building fibres onto your hair and watch as your haired density increases in less than 5 seconds. Mega THIK will not fall out or run throughout the day and can be removed with shampoo.

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