What is progressive color?

hair texture image by Xavier MARCHANT from Fotolia.com

Your hair colour, whether natural or dyed, is an expression of your personality. Progressive dyes slowly change the colour of your hair. They're a great option for men and anyone who wants to change their hair colour gradually .

Progressive Dyes

Progressive hair colour dyes colour the hair more each time they're applied. For example, if you want to change your blond hair to a rich, dark brown, you can use a progressive dye. After the first hair colouring, you'll still have light hair, but after a few more applications, you'll get to your hair colour of choice.

Gray Hair

Progressive hair colour is ideal for people who are trying to cover grey. It's a discrete way to cover up unwanted hair colour.

Ease of Use

You can purchase progressive hair colourants in most pharmacy shops. They're simple to apply and don't even require the use of plastic gloves.

How They Work

Progressive hair colour doesn't contain ammonia or peroxide. The colour coats and penetrates the hair. As the colour dries, it turns into a synthetic pigment that alters your hair colour.

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