Christening brunch ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

After a morning christening, parents and grandparents of the baptised child often hold a brunch to celebrate with friends and family. As you plan a brunch, consider foods that can be prepared ahead of time and require little effort for serving and presentation. Choose foods that can be mixed and matched depending on individual tastes and dietary restrictions.

Cold Buffet

For an easy christening brunch that can be prepared a day before the event, create a variety of dishes that can be served cold. Prepare each item in bowls and pans that can simply be set out on the counters as you return from the church service to minimise time and effort. Make a mix of foods that cater to various tastes and diets. You might include a fruit salad, a three-bean salad with bacon, cut vegetables, meats, and cheeses, mixed greens and a cold pasta salad. Guests can take small portions of everything, and you can keep the leftovers for easy meals and snacks.

Gourmet Breakfast Foods

If your christening will end well before noon, prepare a brunch of gourmet breakfast foods that will fill up your guests after a long morning. Prepare items ahead of time such as delicate quiches to be served cold and a praline French toast casserole that can be popped into the oven for a few minutes and served hot. Other menu items can include garlic cheese grits, chocolate-dipped strawberries, a delicate fruit salad paired with ginger-poppyseed dressing and a mushroom and sausage quiche.


While many families choose to have a cake for a christening, experiment with more brunch-friendly desserts. Use a variety of muffins topped with icing and a frosted cross or the name of the baby, for example, or create a baked custard and use a stencil to sprinkle icing sugar in the shape of the baby's initial. Other light desserts include lemon squares, coconut cookies or fruit and cream puddings.

Heavy Appetizers

At a christening brunch, guests are likely to be passing the newly-baptised baby around frequently. To allow ease of movement, create a brunch made of hearty appetizers. This allows guests to quickly finish a bite of food as the baby comes their way. Look for heavy appetizers that will fill up guests after a long morning at the church. Miniature quiche cups, grilled asparagus with yoghurt dressing, scrambled eggs with caviar, croque-monsieur and miniature omelettes are all tasty breakfast options.

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