Hairstyles for 40 plus women

Written by natalie baker | 13/05/2017
Hairstyles for 40 plus women
Remain open-minded in your forties to new styles, cuts and colours. (Close-up portrait of red-haired woman, focus on hair image by Olga Ekaterincheva from

As you mature, it is important to embrace new style changes and be open to different hair ideas. Keeping the same style as you had in your twenties can be ageing, a new refreshed haircut can make you feel and look younger. There are no set rules about how to wear your in hair in your 40s. By now, you understand your face shape and what you do and do not like. A great haircut is timeless and is not specifically cut for a woman of a certain age. Working with your face shape, hair texture and personal style is the best way to achieve the perfect look for you.

Mid Length Shag

A mid length shag is a deconstructed, choppy, layered style that offers plenty of versatility. Because of the layers and texture hair can be changed and restyled in lots of different ways. This cut works equally well for shorter or mid length styles. To add definition, have highlights around the face and in random slices to define the cut and bring out your facial features. If you have worries about any fine lines around your eyes, wispy or side-swept fringe will detract attention away from these.

Short And Textured

A short textured cut is a flattering way to wear the hair if you are in your forties. Lots of variations of the style exist and hair can be as sleek, groomed or wild as you choose. If you have a large forehead, then wispy fringe add femininity and will suit your face shape. Alternatively for women with a smaller forehead, a few face framing sections around the front of the face will work for you. The beauty of a shorter style is the time it takes to get ready in the morning. A textured style only requires a quick blow-dry and small amount of hair wax to style.

Layered Bob

If you prefer to wear your hair with more length a layered bob is a good option. A traditional poker straight bob may look too harsh, however, modern choppy and layered bobs are fun, practical and stylish. A layered bob is a versatile cut that can be worn straight or tousled with a curling iron for special occasions. The length also offers the option to pin back should you need to. There are many variations of the bob with longer front sections, choppy all over or delicately layered.

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