Teen Side Fringe Hairstyles

Written by natalie baker | 13/05/2017
Teen Side Fringe Hairstyles
A side sweeping fringe can update a tiered style. (beautiful woman with long hair image by Paul Hill from Fotolia.com)

Side fringes or side bangs are popular among teenagers who want an edgy, contemporary look. Adding a side-swept fringe to your hair updates your look without committing to a dramatic style overhaul. A side fringe can be added to all types of current hairstyles, from long and wavy to short and sleek. The perfect fringe should show off your current style and accentuate your best features.

Choppy Side Fringe

A choppy side fringe is great for those who love a layered, textured look and can be added to any current style from a short crop to longer length. Those who have layered hair may appreciate a choppy side fringe. You and your stylist should decide how layered and long you want your fringe to be. A choppy side fringe skims over one eye and is a bold statement. In order for your side fringe to look the best it can, blow-dry and style using a light wax to add definition.

Long and Wispy

Long and wispy side fringes look great on mid-length to longer hair. The look is more natural than a choppy side fringe and should blend with your current style. A long wispy fringe is ideal for those with a square or long face, as it will soften your look. A long wispy fringe consists of a few longer layers shaped at the front of the face and is great for minimising a larger forehead. Choosing a longer side fringe also offers the option to pin back from the face should you want to.

Wavy Side Fringe

A wavy, side-sweeping fringe is a good option if your hair is naturally wavy or you often wear your hair wavy. A wavy fringe looks stylish and laid-back on hair that is left loose or when the remaining hair is pinned back into a natural boho style. When considering a wavy side fringe, think about your hair type, how you wear your hair and how much time you realistically spend styling your hair. If your hair type is naturally poker straight, a wavy looking side fringe may be hard to maintain.

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