Lowlight ideas for grey hair

Updated February 21, 2017

Grey hair doesn't have to be bland or boring, you can try and add dimension to your grey hair by utilising the look of lowlights. Unlike highlights, lowlights are actually darker than your hair's overall colour and hue, and can be effective in adding some depth and gloss to grey hair. If you have dull grey hair and want to add some style to it, learning a few lowlight ideas can help you do so.

Thick lowlights

Thick, chunky lowlights are a fun idea that can add a dramatic twist to your grey hair. Select a grey hue that is noticeably darker, three or four shades darker, than the rest of your hair. Have a stylist do thick chunks all over your head. Thick lowlights can really pop on grey hair, and also look great on long or short hair.

Thin lowlights

Try more subtle lowlights, that are only a couple of shades darker than your natural grey colour. Have your stylist do thin streaks, to help them blend well. These kinds of lowlights can give your grey hair some subtle dimension and are easy to maintain, since they blend into new roots well.

Different coloured lowlights

To give your grey a tint of colour, add coloured lowlights like auburn, brunette or even blond for some sparkle. Ask your stylist to dye a lot of thin streaks all over the bottom layer of hair, so that your grey has a nice coloured hue behind it. For a more dramatic look you can try thick chunks of colour, but these won't blend well as hair grows out.

Face framing lowlights

Adding lowlights around the face if another idea you can try that will create a nice frame for your face. Since these will only be around the face, you can choose to do a subtle colour that blends well with hair, or a more dramatic colour. This look works well if you have layers around the face.

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