Decoration Ideas to Hide a Washer and Dryer With Fabric

Updated February 21, 2017

Having a washer and dryer in your home is a definite luxury, allowing you to do your own laundry whenever you want without dealing with the hassle of transporting your clothes to a laundromat or searching high and low for quarters. On the other hand, unless you have a separate laundry room in your home, a washer and dryer can be clunky items in your kitchen or bathroom that can quickly become an eyesore.

Curtains and drapes

The simplest solution to conceal a washer and dryer in your home is to hang a curtain of fabric in front of them. You can do this easily by installing a tension rod above it or a hospital-style curtain track. This truly allows you a near endless array of decorative options. For example, you can hang diaphanous fabric like chiffon or lace, or solid coloured fabric that matches your shower curtain. Hang one or two solid panels of fabric to create a frame of fabric on either side of the washer and dryer. This way, when you pull the curtains back with tie-backs, it creates a charming border of fabric on either side of the washer and dryer.

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are a solid panel of fabric that can be stacked or rolled up by pulling on the attached cords. Usually an option for windows, they give a room a sophisticated look while maintaining a high level of practicality as they can keep your privacy and block out sunlight. There's no reason why you can't use a single roman blind to conceal your washer and dryer. Simply install it above the top unit and keep the blinds down when you want to hide the washer and dryer, then pull the cord to lift the fabric up when you have a load of laundry to do. Like curtains, you can choose from a large variety of fabric, colours and textures. Because a roman blind stacks upward upon itself, it takes up less space than curtains.

Strips of Fabric

This is a funkier alternative for someone wanting to conceal a washer and dryer in a more eye-catching fashion. Hang a large panel of fabric or a single curtain above the top unit either with hooks or on a curtain rod. Instead of leaving the fabric whole, cut it into equal 1-inch strips. On each strip starting at the bottom, slide on wide, decorative beads. You can choose to add beads to just a few inches of the bottom of each strip or the entire length of it. The overall effect will not only mask your washer and dryer but give the entire room a more festive appearance.

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