How to clean a Hotpoint WD420 filter

Courtesy of eBay

The Hotpoint WD420 washer-dryer features a variable temperature dial, which allows you to lower the temperature of the water used in wash cycles -- and thereby save energy and money. Hotpoint refers to this as “personalisation.” Further, the filter on the Hotpoint WD420 saves you time because it is self-cleaning.

Dry laundry at the same time as instigating a filter self clean operation. Place up to five kilograms of cotton garments or up to three kilograms of synthetic garments into the drum. Close the door, ensuring it is fully engaged.

Rotate the programme selector dial to “M.” The programme selector dial is the largest dial, on the right side of the control panel. Press the “Drying High Heat” button if you have cotton garments to dry. This is at the top of the five-button console to the right of the dispenser drawer.

Rotate the dial relating to the length of the drying period to a setting between 30 minutes and 150 minutes. Press the start button. The machine will start to dry the laundry. Further, the filter will begin to clean itself.

Confirm the start of the filter self-clean operation by listening for the sound of incoming water. The water will rinse the filter, removing fluff, lint and other debris. It may not operate for the entire length of the drying cycle.

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