How to Care for Polyamide Fabric

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Polyamide fabric is commonly used to manufacture outdoor and workout clothing. It has the feel of soft cotton, yet unlike cotton, it is waterproof and breathable, which helps your body maintain a comfortable temperature and wick away moisture.

Perform routine cleaning, not only to remove dirt and stains, but also to remove body oils. Polyamide fabric is washing-machine safe, but should only be washed with cold water.

Wash the polyamide fabric in a regular, cold water washing machine cycle, using a bleach-free washing powder. If a washing machine is not available, the fabric can be handwashed in cold water.

Allow the fabric to air dry. Do not dry the fabric using heat, as it will shrink the fabric.

Turn the fabric inside out. Use an iron preheated to a low heat setting to remove any wrinkles.