Error Codes on Bosch Washers & Dryers

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When it comes to doing laundry, many homeowners enjoy the convenience of having a washer and dry in their homes so they can avoid lugging their dirty clothes to the local laundromat. However, owning your own washer and dryer set means that you're stuck repairing any issues that might crop up.

Determining what the problem is can be a challenge itself, but if you own a Bosch washer and dryer, the appliances' error codes help with troubleshooting.

Check Water Tap

The "Check water tap!" error code appears in a Bosch washer's display when there's a problem with the water supply. Check that the washer's water faucet has been turned on, and examine the supply hose for kinks or clogs that might block the water. The error code may also appear if the supply hose's strainer has become clogged. In addition, the washer may display this error code if the water pressure to machine has become too low. Check your faucets to see if there's a water pressure issue, and consult a plumber if necessary. Finally, see if the washer's AquaStop Hose safety feature has been engaged. If the safety indicator is red, replace the AquaStop hose.

Check Door

When the "Check Door!" error code appears in your Bosch washer's display, it indicates that the door hasn't been closed properly. Open the door fully, and see if a laundry item is blocking the door from shutting all the way. Clear any items from blocking the door. Close the door firmly and restart your cycle.

Suds or Blocked Pump

If the "Suds or blocked pump?" error code appears, your Bosch washer's pump has become blocked or too much detergent was added to the load. Examine the drain hose and water drainage pipe for possible blockages, and clean if necessary. Bosch High Efficiency washers require detergents that are designed specifically for use in HE washers. Use the recommended amounts of detergent for each load as well.

AquaStop Activated

The "AquaStop" error code indicates that a Bosch washer's AquaStop feature has been activated. The AquaStop feature prevents the washer from flooding by shutting off the water supply. Turn off your home's water faucet, and see if there's a leak. Call a plumber if necessary. Once the leak is resolved, contact Bosch customer service to reset your washer's AquaStop system.

"CLn" Error

When the "CLn" error code appears in your Bosch dryer's display, it indicates that the lint filter is full. Remove the lint filter for cleaning and turn the dryer back on to clear the error code.


The "E:03" error code appears when a Bosch dryer is taking too long to dry its load. In some cases, you may have selected the wrong cycle for the type of load inside the dryer. Consult your user manual to determine the best program for each type of item or material. The error code may also appear if your lint filter hasn't recently been cleaned. A full filter can block heat from reaching the dryer's drum, so the dryer requires more time to dry its load. In addition, your clothes may take too long to dry if the exhaust air duct is too long or has become blocked. Clean the duct and measure it to verify that it's not longer than the figures provided in your user manual.


When a Bosh dryer displays the "E:12" error code, there's been an interruption in the dryer's cycle. The cycle may be interrupted if the exhaust air duct has become blocked or is too long for your dryer set-up. There may also be an interruption if the dryer's cabinet doesn't receive adequate ventilation. If neither of these issues is responsible for the error code, there may simply be a malfunction in the dryer's program sequence. Turn the dryer off and allow it to rest for approximately half an hour. Turn it back on and restart your cycle.