How to Troubleshoot a Hotpoint FDL570

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The FDL570 is a model of dishwasher manufactured by the European Hotpoint company; an entirely separate entity from the American, General Electric-owned company. Troubleshooting an FDL570 dishwasher that is not working involves ruling out the most common problems and their causes.

Issues with the electricity, water supply, or set-up prior to beginning a cleaning cycle often contribute to minor technical problems that can be solved at home. Most people choose to troubleshoot their appliance to avoid costly out-of-warranty repairs.

Ensure the lights are working in your kitchen; the dishwasher's problems might be the first sign of a power outage in your area. The dishwasher's power cord should be fully inserted into an outlet and confirm the power is switched on. Don't use a multi-plug adaptor with your dishwasher.

Review the dishwasher's set-up. Press the "ON/OFF/RESET" button on the left of the controls, turn the "Wash Cycle Select" knob to your chosen option and hit "Start/Pause." The FDL570 doesn't start washing until you press the "Start/Pause" button. Don't press "Delay Start" if you want the appliance cleaning immediately.

Open and firmly close the dishwasher door and hit "Start/Pause" a second time. The door must be closed on the FDL570 before cleaning can begin. You must press "Start/Pause" each time you interrupt the cleaning cycle to add or remove an item.

Move the dishwasher away from the wall or out from beneath the counter. Ensure the water intake hoses are straight and not in a position to kink when the dishwasher is replaced. Ensure the dishwasher is not standing on its hoses and the shut-off valves are in the "Open" position.

Turn the cylindrical filter on the floor of the dishwasher anticlockwise and lift it out. Pinch the sides of the cup filter beneath the cylindrical filter's location and remove it from the dishwasher. Slide out the stainless steel tray and wash all three in a sink of soapy water, removing any food scraps or residue. The dishwasher won't drain correctly if these filters are not cleaned regularly. Slide the stainless steel tray back into place and clip the cup filter back inside the drain. The cylindrical filter screws back in place when it is turned clockwise.