How do I Use My Servis 900 Washer Dryer?

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Servis is a home appliances manufacturer from the United Kingdom with a product line that includes clothes washer/dryer combos, such as the Servis 900. Also known as the M900 and M9813, this machine has one receptacle for both washing and drying, enabling the use to run a load from dirty to dry.

Once the Servis 900 washer/dryer is properly hooked up in your home, running your clothes through a wash and dry cycle is easy.

Check that the washer/dryer is plugged in and that the water pipes connecting the machine are turned on, if applicable. Also ensure that the drain hose is aligned so that the water from the wash empties into a sink, wash basin or floor drain, if available.

Run the machine empty first to clear any grease or industrial residue left over from the factory. Servis recommends using a small amount of detergent and warm water for this initial cycle. Pull the detergent drawer out from the top of the machine and add a small amount of your preferred detergent into the appropriate drawer. Pre-wash powders go in the leftmost drawer, main washing powder in the second slot and fabric softener in the rightmost. Rotate the selection dial to any of the wash settings and let the machine run through.

Pull the latch on the machine's door outward to open it. Load the items you wish to wash into the machine. The maximum capacity for a wash in the Servis 900 depends on what is being washed. Do not load more than 6.35 Kilogram of cottons, 5.44 Kilogram of linens, five pounds of absorbent materials (such as towels) or 2.04 Kilogram of manufactured fibres or woollens.

Add detergent and fabric softener. Pull out the detergent drawer and add the detergents as desired. You can also pour the detergent directly into the drum of the machine or use a wash ball). Pour fabric softener into the slot provided.

Twist the program selection dial clockwise to select a wash cycle. Match the mark on the selector dial to the program you wish to run. Don't spin the dial counter-clockwise; if you go past the desired setting, spin it all the way around again. Choose by material and the washing machine will assume a maximum weight. You can also choose a specific weight to run a timed cycle. Spin the dial further into the "dry" section to run a wash and dry program. Now select the water temperature. Most preprogrammed modes have an appropriate water selector, but if you wish to run the wash at a different temperature you can spin the temperature dial now to choose hotter or colder water.

Press the start button to begin the wash and/or drying cycle. The machine will beep to notify you when the process is complete.