Ideas for Fun, Enjoyable High School Assemblies

One mark of school spirit and involvement is how excited students get when they're at their school assemblies. However, students can get bored with humdrum, tired lectures. Get students excited about an upcoming sports event or dance with fun, exciting activities. Even if you have to share information with students in the form of a lecture or speech, consider adding one of these activities before or after to keep students engaged.

Rival Massacre

To raise funds for a school activity, such as a dance or activity day, host a rival massacre assembly. To do this, find an old, beat-up car from a junkyard or dealership that's willing to donate to your school. Make sure all the car's windows are removed for safety reasons. If you can, roll the car into the gym or have the assembly outside with smaller groups of students. Find a small sledgehammer or another destructive tool. Have students pay a fee---possibly £1.30 or £1.90---to take three or four hits on the car. Make sure students wear a hard hat and closed-toe shoes while they hit. Play loud, fast music to get the crowd pumped up and have them cheer students on. To get students excited before a big game, paint the car in a rival school's colours or draw its mascot on the car. The Michigan Associations of Student Councils and Honor Societies says administrators could also charge another dollar for a picture of the student hitting the car.

Charity Assembly

Encourage philanthropy from your student body with a charity assembly. You can do this in a variety of ways. One example is to encourage students with long hair to donate their hair to a charity such as Locks of Love. During the assembly, student participants can allow a volunteer to cut their hair in front of their classmates while loud music plays to get students excited. Students who can't or don't want to donate several inches of their hair can donate dollars before and during the assembly. After the hair cutting, tally dollars given and figure out which class raised the most money. Have some kind of incentive---pizza party, homework pass or something similar---for the winning class.

Music Routines

During an assembly, plan funny musical routines to get students excited. For instance, you could have a group of senior boys have an air band competition. Before the assembly, pick several male students to participate, let them divide into groups and prepare routines to popular songs. Their routines should be fairly silly. For instance, they could all play air guitar to a 1980s metal song, or they could do a choreographed dance to a Spice Girls or boy band song. After the groups perform, allow students to vote for their favourite group by cheering and clapping.

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