Ideas for a 16-Year Old Boy's Birthday

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The 16th birthday can be a big deal for boys. Boys are excited to turn 16 for many reasons, mostly because at the age of 16 in most states they get their driver's license and that means sweet freedom. Sweet 16 parties are generally a girlie thing, whereas boys want things to be more active and rugged. Teenage boys are exciting, energetic and fun, and making his birthday special is as unique an undertaking as the teen himself.

Paintball Party

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Keeping a group of teenage boys entertained can be a chore. But if you let them be the exuberant individuals they are, your party will be a success. Many boys like to be active, and many places hold paintball activities to keep them entertained. Most paintball facilities will provide all of the safety equipment needed, but ask in advance to prevent injuries or excess expense to you. Divide the group into teams to encourage teamwork, or let them play individually for prizes. No matter how you work the party, a paintball party could be a huge hit with his friends.

Movie Parties

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Teens are into the latest movie craze. Letting him have a movie party will give him control of his own party while still providing a safe environment for teens. Some new-release rentals, munchies, drinks and pizza or burgers for dinner is all you will need to make this party a great night for him and his friends. If you want to add a little extra flair to this party, you might rent a projector and projection screen, along with a popcorn machine for that cinema popcorn, and have an outdoor movie night.

Rock Climbing

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Teens love an adventure. Treating a group of teens to a day of rock climbing at an indoor facility will spur their adventurous sides and make a great outing, while keeping them in a supervised setting. Adding a picnic or barbecue at a nearby park will add to the outdoor feel of the adventure. This activity is a hit with most teens, boys and girls alike, allowing your teen boy to celebrate his 16th birthday with all of his friends in an adventurous style.

NASCAR Outings

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A NASCAR race might be a big hit with your teen and his friends. A day in a professional race car could be a dream come true for your up-and-coming driver, teaching him safety and maneuverability in a vehicle, giving him a head start on his driving days. Having a professional driver teaching him the ins and outs of driving, while showing him the inside of a race car from a driver's perspective, will give him memories that will last forever, and make him the talk of the school for a long time.

Sports Party

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If your teen boy is a sports enthusiast, consider taking him and a couple of his friends to a pro or semi-pro sporting event. A day at the golf course can be a great outing for your teen golfer, with possibly a visit by a professional golfer for an autograph and some inside tips. If football or basketball, or any other sport, is his thing, adding a locker pass to the game event would make this an outstanding event to be talked about for years to come. Having a team ball signed by everyone involved with the game also makes a great gift to go with the professional game night.

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