Ideas for Dressing Up As a Redneck

Written by flora richards-gustafson | 13/05/2017
Ideas for Dressing Up As a Redneck
Look in your closet for clothes you can modify into redneck wardrobe. (cowboy_girl with hat image by Andrey Kiselev from

Whether it is Halloween, you are attending (or throwing) a redneck party, or you just like the attire, dressing up as a redneck is easy. Chances are you will already have some articles of clothing you can modify for this purpose. If not, visit a local thrift store for low-priced redneck apparel.


Accessories are what complete redneck fashion. Cowboy hats and baseball caps that look rugged and have a corny logo on them are great for men to wear. Ladies can complete their redneck-look with cheap, blue eye shadow; thick, black eyeliner; fake eyelashes; thick mascara; and red or hot pink lipstick. Other redneck must-have accessories include fake teeth that look crooked or dirty and cheap-looking fake tattoos.


Stereotypically known to express themselves with the shirts they wear, rednecks shirt ideas include a T-shirt with a faded screen-printed image of hunting game on the front, or shirts that have a cheesy joke or saying, such as "I'm with stupid". Men can also wear sleeveless flannel shirts or white undershirts (sleeveless or not) that have a few holes and/or stains on them.

Classic lady's redneck apparel includes tiny tank tops, tight T-shirts, belly shirts, button-down shirts only ½-way buttoned and tied in the front and T-shirts that are way-too-big (because they were taken from a male companion). Ladies can also modify a large T-shirt by rolling up the sleeves, cutting up the sides of the shirt and then pinning the sides back together with safety pins.


Denim is a staple in the redneck wardrobe. Men dressing as rednecks can wear denim coveralls. To go the extra mile, wear acid-wash denim trousers and accompany it with a long trench coat made of acid-wash denim.

Women can wear blue jeans converted into cut-off shorts, short shorts, jean trousers that fit too tight or a miniskirt made of denim.


The perfect hairstyle rounds out the desired stereotypical redneck look. Classic redneck hairstyles include a mullet (remember party in the back, business in the front), a bad perm and bleach-blond hair with dark roots. Women can also wear obscurely placed hair curlers in their hair or "big" heavily teased hair. Secure the big hairstyle with aerosol hairspray so the hair does not have any independent movement of its own.


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