Spring Church Decorating Ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

Spring is the time of year when Christians worldwide celebrate the spirit of Christ's resurrection--it's a time to rejoice and reflect on the new life that Jesus offers. Decorating your church window with flowers and images of Christ's resurrection is a fitting way to express this spirit, and to set the tone for the season that brings resurrection to the natural world as Easter approaches.


Purchase paper, markers, paint and a roll of paper from a craft store. Butcher paper in bright colours such as yellow and orange work well. Measure the window and cut the paper to fit it snugly. Ask an artist in your congregation to volunteer her time to paint different scenes from the Easter story. Count the number of windows you are going to cover in your church and assign each a specific scene. Ask the artist to explain what she is going to paint before doing so. Talk to your pastor about incorporating the window scenes into his Easter sermon. Use one or two windows per week leading up to Easter Sunday to illustrate the Easter story.


Use flowers to spruce up the foyer and sanctuary of the church. Flowers are one of the most popular icons of spring time and Easter, so they are a classic choice for your decorations. Cut flowers that you need to keep replacing can become very expensive, so purchase potted flowers instead. You can also use synthetic flowers, so all you have to do is arrange them and keep them dusted. Create a cross out of the flowers to place in the front of the church or in the foyer.

Christian Spring Symbols

In addition to flowers, use Christian spring symbols such as a rainbow, a butterfly and a dove to decorate the church building. These items each represent a different aspect of God's faithfulness. The rainbow represents God's promise, the butterfly represents new life and the dove represents the Holy Spirit. Place them on banners with spring colours, or display them through overhead projectors and throughout flower arrangements.

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