Christmas display ideas for schools

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Show your Christmas spirit in school by creating Christmas displays. Students and teachers can work together to design and create an original, Christmas-themed display. Take inspiration from popular Christmas songs and carols or from traditional Christmas stories.

Displays can be interactive, free standing or posted on a wall or window to show off students' talents and bring joy during the holiday season.

Away in a Manger

"Away in a Manger" is a popular Christmas song that can be interpreted into a Christmas display. Students can help to create the scene by constructing a manger out of cardboard and placing a baby Jesus on a bed of hay in the centre of the manger. This will serve as the main focal point of the display. Draw and cut out stars from heavy construction paper in different sizes and glue or tape them to the backdrop. Hang a few from the ceiling using clear-coated wire. Draw a few life-size cattle on heavy paper, cut them out and glue them on the background.

Jumbo Advent Calendar

Cover a wall by decorating it with a jumbo Advent Calendar. Students cut out 24 large rectangular cards and label them with numbers for each day of the week during Advent. Students also create a Christmas image, poem or song for each window. Count down the days to Christmas by assigning a student to open a window to reveal a surprise each day. Create a calendar in the shape of a Christmas tree, a holiday house or any other Christmas image. Another alternative is to construct and decorate a large box with doors for each date. Conceal a small gift such as chocolate in each door.

White Christmas

Create a White Christmas display by designing an outdoor Christmas scene using only white objects. Cut out different snowflake designs in various sizes. Purchase a Christmas tree covered in fake snow. Build a snowman and snowwoman out of styrofoam balls. Tape or glue the snowflakes all over the background as the scene's backdrop and hang some of the snowflakes from the ceiling in alternating heights using clear-coated nylon wire. Position the snowman and snowwoman side by side and for the finishing touch, wrap boxes in white paper and tie each box with a white ribbon to create gifts that go under the Christmas tree.