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Updated April 17, 2017

Grant funding for computers are for organisations that have a federal non-profit designation. Most organisations provide computer training as a community service. Grant funding is used to buy systems to develop adult learning centres that cater to the disabled, homeless or unemployed. Grant funding for computer equipment is competitive, but here is a list of organisations that donate computers through an application process or set aside grant funds for non-profit organisations to purchase computer equipment.

National Cristina Organization

The National Cristina Organization program donates computer systems and provides grants to non-profit organisations that specialise in job development training and educational development for people with disabilities and economically challenged people. However, to take advantage of the resources through the organisation you must become a partner by applying at its website.

National Cristina Organization 500 West Putnam Avenue Greenwhich, Connecticut 06830 203-863-9100

Computers for Education

Sponsored by the General Services Administration (GSA), the Computers for Education program receives requests for computer equipment and software from inner city schools and non-profit organisations located in various designated Federal Government Empowerment Zones across the United States. Before you apply for grant funding or equipment donations, check to see if you are in a Federal Government Empowerment Zone area. The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has an interactive map on its website of all the Federal Government Empowerment Zone areas in the United States (see "Resources").

Intel U.S. Community Grant Program

Intel's U.S. Community Grant Program is a computer grant and donation program that provides grant funding or computer systems to accredited schools, K-12 and community non-profit organisations. The program mission statement is to foster computer learning and gear children towards a career in the computer science field. Intel announces dates throughout the year for which it will accept grant funding applications through its website (see "Resources").

Technology Grant News

Technology Grant News provides information on various funding sources. Grant funding sources are available to build computer labs, implement broadband technology initiatives and develop computer curriculum for at-risk youth in the area of computer hardware repair. You can subscribe at its website for grant funding notifications through e-mail (see "Resources").

Broadband USA Initiative Grants

BroadbandUSA initiative is a program that has grant funding to build broadband technology in rural areas or areas that have existing broadband structures to further develop communities. The initiative also has funding for the building and implementation of public computer centres, which includes grant funding for computer equipment (desktops and laptops) and wireless equipment (hubs and routers).

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