1950s Birthday Party Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

A 1950s birthday party is an event that any age group can get into. Fifties-theme birthday parties are especially fun for those who were young during the 1950s. Model your birthday party after a 1950s sock hop, complete with a soda stand and your favourite music from that time period.


Make your 1950s party a costume party. Wear clothing such as poodle skirts with crinolines underneath, tight-fitting crop trousers or dresses with full skirts. Neck scarves and bobby socks complete the look. Fifties costume ideas for men include jeans, white T-shirts and leather jackets or lettermen sweaters. Grease the hair back or pull it into a ponytail. Inspiration for costumes can be drawn from hit TV shows such as "Happy Days" or the popular movie "Grease."

Vinyl Record Invitations

Invitations for a 1950s birthday party are easy to make. Make an invitation modelled after an old vinyl record. Cut black circles out of construction paper or card stock, and glue smaller, bright coloured circles to the centre of the larger circle. Write, "You're Invited," or "It's a Sock Hop," in the centre of the smaller circle. Glue the top of the black circles together, and write the information about the party on the inside of the record.


Model your menu after a 1950s soda shop. Serve hamburgers, hot dogs, onion rings and curly fries, as well as vegetarian options. Set up a milkshake buffet, where guests can place ingredients in a dish, and a professional can mix made-to-order milkshakes and malts for them. Serve drinks in traditional 1950s-style milkshake glasses and sundae dishes.

Diner Decor

Model the decor of the 1950s birthday party after a diner or soda shop. Cover the chairs in red, vinyl fabric similar to what was found in soda shops in the 1950s. Draw a large mural of a jukebox on a poster board, or make the jukebox out of cardboard or styrofoam. Hang records from the ceilings and tape them to the wall, and fill the room with bright coloured streamers and balloons.

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