How to Reset a Pixma MP140

George Doyle/Stockbyte/Getty Images

The Canon PIXMA MP140 is a popular colour desktop home printer that also serves as a scanner/copier. In some cases, the printer may not realise that you have installed a new ink cartridge and will thus not reset the ink levels. With the reset function of the PIXMA MP140, you can quickly restart the unit and get back to printing normally.

Turn off your PIXMA MP140 by pressing the power button a single time.

Hold the "Power" button and the "Stop/Reset" button at the same time. The unit power light will come on.

Continue holding the "Power" button, but let go of the "Start/Reset" button momentarily, then press it twice.

Let go of both the "Power" and "Start/Reset" buttons. The PIXMA MP140 is now currently in "service" mode and awaiting a service selection.

Press the "Start/Reset" button four times. The power light on the unit will turn from orange to green and the printer will reset.

Unplug the PIXMA MP140 from the electrical socket, then plug it back in and power it on as you normally would.

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