How to Copy CDs to an MP3 Player

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In order to put the songs from a CD onto an MP3 player you need to rip the songs (copy the songs) from the CD and convert them to MP3 format. Most computer media players, such as iTunes and Windows Media Player, possess this capability.

Insert the CD into the CD drive of the computer. Load up the media player you have installed on your system.

Select "Import CD" and the media player copies the tracks from the CD onto the hard drive of your computer.

Connect the USB cable to the USB data port of your MP3 player, then plug the other end of the cable into the USB port of the computer.

Click "Start," followed by "My Computer" (or "Computer") and open the MP3 player's icon. This opens a window with all of the files currently stored on the device.

Click-and-drag the imported CD tracks form the media player into the open MP3 player window. Once the files are finished copying, close the MP3 player window, right-click the icon and select "Eject." You can remove the MP3 player from the computer and begin listening to the music tracks on your MP3 player.

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