Moulin Rouge Party Decoration Ideas

Written by shelley frost | 13/05/2017
Moulin Rouge Party Decoration Ideas
Moulin Rouge is located in Paris. (le moulin rouge la nuit (4) image by Jean CEZARD from

Moulin Rouge is a cabaret located in Paris. Known for its red windmill atop the building, the Moulin Rouge originally opened in 1889. The cabaret still hosts shows during which you are sure to see sequins, feathers and dancing. The iconic elements of the Moulin Rouge work well as decorations for a themed party. Use the elements to create your own Moulin Rouge at home.

Colour Scheme

A bold colour scheme fits the Moulin Rouge theme. Black and deep red make ideal themed party decorations because of their association with Moulin Rouge. Use fabrics in those colours to adorn the walls of the party venue. Include the colours in the party invitations, decorations and favours for the party.


The lighting plays a big role in creating a Moulin Rouge feeling in the party venue. Dim the overhead lights if possible. Use strings of white Christmas lights to add ambience to the room. String the lights along the ceiling and along the walls. Use spotlights to add to the show feeling in the party venue. Coloured spotlights also work well.


Set up a stage area in the party room to recreate the Moulin Rouge. If you are lucky enough to have a party venue that already has a stage, emphasise this area with lighting and curtains in the rich red colour. If the party venue doesn't have a stage, use bricks to border a makeshift stage area. Dress up the wall behind the area with red fabric curtains.

Centrepieces and Table Decorations

Carry the red colour to the table coverings. Rich red tablecloths create a bold look to the tables. Use table settings in a contrasting colour. Table runners with boldly patterned fabric accent the table settings. Top hats make perfect centrepieces for the tables. Surround them with feather boas to bring in the show element of the Moulin Rouge. Sequins or gemstones sprinkled on the table create a glamorous confetti accent.

Posters and Backdrops

The Moulin Rouge was inspiration for more than one movie, with the most recent one from 2001. Look for posters from the movie to use as simple wall decorations for the party. Another option is to blow up photos of scenes from the movie. Look at party supply stores and party rental stores for party backdrops based on Moulin Rouge. If you know someone with artistic talents, ask her to paint a picture of the Moulin Rouge on a large piece of fabric or paper for the party.

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