Party Supplies With a Science Lab Theme

Updated February 21, 2017

Whether you're playing the part of a mad scientist as you host your annual Halloween party or planning an end-of-the-year bash for your chemistry class, nothing creates a science lab party mood like party supplies that fit the theme. Since this is not standard party-store fare, round up test tubes, beakers, microscopes and other lab supplies and put your imagination to work. With these suggestions, your experiment in party decoration will be a success.

Test Tubes

Roll the party invitations up, put them in test tubes, put the stopper in and mail them in sturdy boxes or padded envelopes marked "Fragile." Put a test-tube rack at each place setting and fill each tube with a different-coloured beverage. Wrap a rubber band around seven or eight large test tubes, fill them with water and flowers, and stand them in the middle of the table as a centrepiece. Use other test tubes as shot glasses.

Beakers, Flasks and Other Glassware

Employ never-used clean beakers and flasks for mixing and pouring drinks. Put coloured water in beakers and drape tubes between them to look like an experiment in progress; drop dry ice into one or two of the beakers to make a nice smoky effect. Use glass stirring rods as toothpicks for hors d'oeuvres and for stirring coffee. Set out nuts, chocolate chips or other small foods in petri dishes.

Lab D├ęcor

Hang a chart of the periodic table and one showing cutaway views of the human body. Wear lab coats and safety goggles. Buy or borrow microscopes and a fog machine. Blow up rubber gloves and hang them up like balloons. Cover tables with vinyl to look like lab stations and place them around the room. Hang a thick curtain of white streamers at the door and keep them moving with a fan turned to low--this is the entrance to your Clean Room.

Food Ideas

Pin gummy worms, frogs or other animals into dissection trays and cut them open; you can also put them in glass jars as "specimens." Label food with its scientific name (for example, water would be labelled "H20"). Stand celery stalks in cups containing water with food colouring added so that the colouring will "climb" the stalks. Decorate a cake to look like a volcano, a compass or a magnet. Keep buffet foods warm over a Bunsen burner.

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