Italian Coffee Cafe Decorating Ideas

Updated March 23, 2017

Italy is a country that is full of Old World charm and decorative flair. One of the most charming symbols of the Italian culture is the Italian cafe. Dark colours, brick walls, wrought-iron tables and wooden furniture make up the heart of most Italian cafes. Incorporating Italian antiques with a coffee shop theme will allow you to recreate the look of a quaint kitchen and coffee shop reminiscent of cafes that serve coffee in the heart of Italy.


When decorating your interior living space to represent an Italian cafe, you will want to incorporate Italian-themed colours and wall accents. Begin by choosing a colour. Popular colour choices are dark burgundy, hunter green, deep red, brown and black. One design decorating idea would be to paint one area above cabinets or on a wall with chalkboard paint. The black background provides a space where you can write Italian menus, quote famous lines and write recipes of Italian dishes. Ceilings that have tin or copper tiles can accentuate a kitchen or dinette area and add Old World flair. Brick wainscoting on the walls along with brick or travertine tiles on the floor can add the feel of an old Italian cafe to the room.

Furniture and Appliances

Accentuate your decorative accents by having the right furniture and appliances to accent your cafe area. Start in the kitchen. Use an authentic or replicated espresso machine, coffeemaker or cappuccino maker. Accent the surrounding area with Italian coffee flavours and canisters. A small bistro table is essential for achieving the decorative Italian cafe look. A table made from wrought iron with matching chairs represents the Italian cafe look. A side buffet table may also be usefully implemented into this decor. Make sure the table has a vintage design with a dark wood or black finish. You can display coffee condiments such as cream, sugar and cinnamon in glass jars for a functional and decorative display.

Decorative Accents

Decorative accents are what will make the Italian cafe come to life. Have a hanging rack in the kitchen or themed area that holds a variety of Italian-designed coffee mugs. Add a white or red-and-white-checkered tablecloth to the bistro table and accent with espresso cups and saucers. Fill the centre of the table with a basket of biscotti for a functional look. Use any Italian-inspired antiques you have such as clocks, dishes, vintage metal signs and cast-iron coasters to scatter about the area. Incorporate copper pots throughout the kitchen area. Bring in garden urns from your patio and fill with faux topiaries. Add clear Christmas lights throughout the room to add tranquillity. A small votive candle can be placed on the table and side tables to add a cosy touch. Ceramic or resin French chefs also add to the look of a Italian coffee cafe decorating theme. They generally hold a chalkboard that can be used to relate messages or welcome guests in Italian with "Benvenuto."

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