50th birthday gifts for women

Updated April 17, 2017

A 50th birthday is a milestone worthy of celebration, praise and gifts. When it comes to 50th birthday gifts for women, you need to be more thoughtful than usual. A last-minute gift from the corner store displays an insulting lack of respect for the milestone. Regardless if the gifts are humorous, sentimental, expensive or low-cost, they need to pay homage to the momentous occasion and to the recipient.

Gift Basket

Choose quality items to create an impressive gift basket for a 50th birthday. For example, use a variety of bath products in a dark wicker basket if the birthday girl loves self-pampering. Include rich lotions, scented bath beads, relaxing bath salts, moisturising salt scrubs, pumice stones, natural sponges and thick towels.

Create a coffee gift basket if she loves coffee houses. Fill a basket with gourmet coffee beans, espresso beans, hot chocolate, blended tea, biscotti, mini-bottles of flavoured syrup and chocolate-covered espresso beans. Add two fancy coffee mugs with matching lids and two chocolate-covered plastic spoons.


Think creatively when you choose an expensive piece of jewellery for a 50th birthday gift for a woman. Give an engraved, oval silver locket with her name and birth date on the back for a sweet gift. Offer a thick, gold chain bracelet with her name and birthday engraved on the back for a fancy style. Buy an expensive woman’s platinum watch for a gift that will last for her next 50 years.

Customised Newspaper

Search library archives to find a copy of a local or major newspaper printed on the day the 50th birthday girl was born. Print out the front page of the historical paper and place it in a simple frame to create a birthday gift. If you are a bargain hunter, look for an authentic newspaper from the recipient's birthday or magazine from the recipient's birth month for the birthday gift.

“Old Age” Kit

Create an “Old Age Welcome Kit” to give as a 50th birthday gag gift. Fill a large gift bag with a plastic cane, denture cleaner, arthritis cream, a thick shawl, fuzzy slippers, a housecoat, a box or two of prunes, support stockings and a brochure for a senior citizens' centre.

Photo Collection

Combine creativity, effort and thoughtfulness to create inexpensive 50th birthday gifts for women. If the birthday girl is a close friend or relative, buy a few photo or scrapbooks and arrange her loose pictures into separate albums as a birthday gift. If you have enough pictures, you could even make a separate album for each decade since the birthday girl’s birth.

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