How to Knit a Flower Using Eyelet Lace

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Eyelet lace purposefully creates holes that are worked into patterns to add a simple yet elegant touch to knitting projects. This eyelet lace flower pattern creates four holes that are reminiscent of petals. The raised stitches in the middle of the holes look similar the middle of a flower. This pattern is designed to add a single eyelet lace flower to your knitted work in progress. However, you can repeat the pattern to make multiple flowers over several rows.

Knit four stitches. Do a yarn over by wrapping the yarn over the right needle, going from back to front to back again. Slip the next two stitches from the left to the right knitting needle as if you were about to knit them. Slip them back onto the left needle, then insert the right needle upwards through the two stitches, with the right needle tip behind the left needle tip. Wrap the yarn around the right needle and bring it down through the stitches to knit them together. Knit four more stitches.

Purl the next row evenly.

Knit three stitches. Do a yarn over, then slip the next stitch onto the right needle as if you were going to knit. Knit the next two stitches together. Lift the slipped stitch on the right needle over the last stitch with the left needle, then drop the slipped stitch from the needle. Do another yarn over, then knit three stitches.

Purl the next row evenly.

Repeat Step 1, then purl the next row to complete your eyelet flower.

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