Pixie Bow Maker Instructions

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The Pixie Bow Maker is a small portable plastic circle or tri-corner base with a spinner in the centre. The advertisement on the box says it "makes every kind of bow." MagNif, Inc. of Mentor, Ohio, makes the Pixie along with coin sorters and plastic puzzles. MagNif is the largest producer of plastic coin sorters in the world. You can learn to make one or two package bows with the Pixie and use your imagination to make other kinds of bows.

Place a clear pin on the Pixie Bow Maker by sliding it sideways into place on the vertical spindle that spins. The bow maker has a grip on each side in moulded plastic, and these grips will break if a pin larger than the Pixie pin is used.

Select a 3/4-inch-wide satin ribbon and make three circles to start, one inside the other. These should be the size of a nickel, a quarter and a silver dollar.

Press on the inside of the circles and push them on the pin. Bows are upside down on the Pixie, so the loops will hang down to the side of the pin. This is the beginning of the butterfly bow.

Form three flat double loops, each larger than the one before, and punch these on the pin with the smaller loop next to the circles.

Fold a five-inch-long piece of ribbon in half and press it on the pin so the ends hang down.

Remove the bow and the pin from the Pixie Bow Maker by sliding the pin off the spindle. The pin is a permanent part of the bow.

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Place a clear plastic Pixie pin on the spindle and choose a 3/4-inch-wide satin ribbon.

Wrap the ribbon around your finger right side up one twist to make a loop like a shirt collar the size of a dime. This loop has a triangular point at the front and is commonly used for bows.

Face the spindle with the loop and punch the loop onto the pin. Hold the ribbon about five inches from the pin and make another loop, pushing the pin counter-clockwise about two-thirds of the way around. Punch the loop on the pin.

Continue to make shirt-collar loops and punch them on the pin in a counter-clockwise rotation until the bow is the size you want.

Cut the ribbon and remove the pin from the spindle. Twist the first two shirt-collar loops clockwise to hide the pin.

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