Ideas for cold meat buffets at a wedding

The main advantage of serving a cold buffet at a wedding is that it lessens the worry of keeping the food heated throughout the reception. This also allows the guests to take time going back to the buffet table or finishing their plates without the problems of foods that need to be kept warm. Choices for cold buffet dishes can range from vegetarian offerings to cold meat delights.

Meat Strips and Slices

Meat strips and slices of honey ham, turkey, chicken or pork served with varying dips offer tasty options for cold meat buffets. Some serve them in fancy rolls like in mini kebabs, where meat slices are combined with cheese cubes, olives, sauces and vegetables, then closed using toothpicks. A variety of sauces or dips such as barbecue, mesquite, teriyaki sauce, sour cream and onion, mayonnaise or blue cheese dip offers guests several choices. These cold meat strips and slices are often served on a platter or combo tray.

Sushi Bar

A sushi bar is an ideal cold buffet option that typically uses different fish rolled into sushi varieties. Sushi is of Japanese origin and it contains rice filled with raw fish, toppings and condiments. They are usually rolled using black seaweed wrappers called nori in Japan. Sushi is served with specialised sauces made of soy sauce and wasabi, a hot green Japanese horseradish paste. These Japanese rolls are easy to grab from the buffet table any time during the wedding reception. Waiters can also pass them around throughout the reception.


Meat sandwiches placed on buffet trays can come in a variety of options and seasoned with different spreads. These sandwiches can be made with white or wheat breads or cut into triangles to make smaller tea sandwiches. Popular options in buffets include tuna and chicken sandwiches made with mayonnaise, cheese or pickles. Other meat sandwich options include ham and egg, curried chicken, crab salad and bacon and mushroom sandwiches.

Finger Food Varieties

Finger buffets often feature different types of cold finger foods and meat carving stations. Offerings can be served on platters and include items such as mini sausages, fancy devilled eggs, sweet and sour pork balls, egg rolls, lobster-stuffed wontons and stuffed crab puffs. Other popular cold meat options seen in finger buffet tables include Buffalo wings, small pizzas slices, mini crab cakes, meatball pieces, popcorn shrimps, chicken lollipops and battered king prawns.

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